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Color wood For La Marzocco GS3 MP

Colorful wooden boards bring a refreshing
experience to your coffee machine

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Coffee Machine E61 Decorative Ring Anti Scalding Ring Checkerboard Colored Wood

The surface temperature of the Espresso machine
E61 Group head is usually around 90 degrees Celsius when working. When making
coffee or cleaning, one accidentally burns one's arm. This product solves this
problem and can not only prevent scalding but also serve as a decoration when
installed on top.

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Lelit coffee machine mara x, bianca, Handle, Knob, Pull rod, Cover ,Decorative ring , complete set of solid wood, checkerboard

Wood and coffee provide us with a beautiful life for humanity, and the natural texture of wood and latte art are highly integrated expressions of art. The WellsTina team is a coffee enthusiast and player. After careful design, the product has developed a variety of solid wood modified wooden parts.

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Espresso machine E61 Group head 58.5mm Handle colour wood stainless steel

The Ear Loop of the Cotton Face mask is Adjustable, one size fits Men, Women and Children Fine Cotton with soft hand feeling and skin protection Comfortable and Breathable

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The product is suitable The Force Tamper。The wooden pieces are handmade by Chinese craftsmen, with a
production cycle of about 7 days.

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Add a title or taglineCoffee Machine Bottomless Handle forBreville 8/9 Series

This product is Bottomless Coffee Handle
for the breville Coffee Machine.

The handle is made of food grade 304 stainless
steel metal material and is finely processed by a large factory.

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3ply Face Mask 50pcs

Our disposable mask has a filtration efficiency (BFE) > 90%, which can effectively prevent the filtration of droplets, pollen, dust and other air particles, and provide excellent protection against potential infection.

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Tinawells Protective equipment

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Our products are backed by multiple certifications for assurance of quality and meeting of international standards.

Trusted by organizations, we are committed to achieve product excellence, strengthen customer relations and providing for the needs of our community.

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